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this is everything!


Beautiful app

Très bien mais pas assez fluide

Application magnifique sur iPhone récent. Note to developers : Unfortunately the latest update(s) made this app become a bit laggy and less responsive on the iPhone 5 ! You need to work on optimizing it on older devices. If you cant do that just prevent people with older devices from updating the app. The App Store wont let us downgrade to the wonderful previous versions so its very important to make sure old devices dont get a bad experience.

Weird star update

You know that blur around the stars you added in the last update? Not cool... the way it was before were more true to what it is in real life. Nobody likes blur around light, specially stars

Amazing program

Excellent performer Using it to plan my astrophotos Works great!!!!


Beste Sternkarte im Store. Hands down.

Very interesting

Easy to use and plenty of information within the app. I recommend.


This app is wonderful. Its so majestic...Its really accurate. Would recommend.

Amazing app! Very educational

Works great and is very educational!

This is what an app should be!

Im not a big astronomy person and just got this on a whim one night. Its simply stunning! Works great, simple to use, and just amazing. Once you have this you will be spending hours looking at the sky. You will see the sky in a way you never have before!


Lot informations lot stars lot of all very love this app

Great App!

I had a different free app before that you had to pay extra for this or that. I bought this app and am really enjoying it! Got a warning the other night and saw a fantastic Iridium Flare! Really something! Great app - love it!


Love this app!

Love it

Love this. Everything about it.

The best..

Fantastic ..and excellent..

Work of art..

First class app! Thrusters on full!

Best in class

Truly continues to impress. This is an absolute essential iOS app. Thank you!


This is a really nice app. I just wish it showed black holes

Terrific, just a couple of improvements

Great, most concise Ive seen, but really needs to be easier to tap on a star, and see what it is. Apart from that good. Also the notifications are the best. Unobtrusive, and relevant. Always enable with this.


I really love this app because it is informative n also my mental sanctuary. I like to use this app when I am on the plane n at my bed time. It is very beautiful.

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