Sky Guide: View Stars Night or Day App Reviews

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Love this app

Enjoying all the details and learning with every use. Friends wanting it after one viewing. Thanks!

Great Star Gazing App!

I love this app! Ive learned so much about the constellations and it notifies me about all the wonderful things happening in our sky. Worth a download, highly recommend.

Totally Stellar!

Best sky app in the universe

Gorgeously created

Sound, quality, and the education. Its the perfect app for star gazers and for anyone whos interested in the final frontier. TOTALLY worth my money and will be worth yours also. Well done to the creators, please keep adding and updating

It is so good, be wary of campfires!

I love everything about it, especially the notification of events. My husband loved the viewing so much, he fell into the campfire while trying to see all the constellations! A few third-degree burns and weeks of bandages later, he still loves to use the app. We just keep him seated or away from the campfires.

Great app

So much fun to teach my daughter with. I would recommend it

Great app!

My family and I love this app! One of the best overall in the App Store! Certainly the best of the Sky apps.


best app ever very exact beautiful music beautiful amazing best I will recomend to anyone wort it

Love it

Its kid approved too! Every time I go to my friends house their kids ask to see the app. Its educational and fun!!

Fantastic Astronomy App

This app lets you do so much! It has an easy to understand user interface and it is extremely detailed regarding all the information that is provided about the different celestial bodies that are visible. There are many cool features such as different filters & the sounds of stars. Another incredibly cool feature this app has, is that it allows you to fast forward time and you can actually see the night sky changing as time passes. You can view the movement of many celestial bodies. Overall, this app is worth the money & I highly recommend it to anyone is interested in learning about astronomy!

Get it.

Whenever I get a new phone this always the first app I redownload

My daughter and I love it

Now I can finally answer which Star is which. I love the alerts for different events as well.

Fantastic & Free!

This App is amazing! My young daughter loves to open it up at night and look at the sky. Has encouraged her to learn new things. Love the "background music" as well. Very user friendly. This App is a must on anyones device!

Well done.

Same as title.


Pretty incredible that billions of years of formation, and thousands of years of study can be culminated into a two dollar app.


Great app, for looking at stars in the past present or future. Nice grahics and easy to use, also like that I can change my location to anywhere in the world.

Coolest app ever!

We like to travel, and its so cool to be able to use this app (during the night OR day) to see the constellations. Just hold it in the direction that you want to observe the stars, whether thats overhead or at your feet (to see the stars on the opposite side of the globe), then this cool little app does its magic and Voila! There they are! Love it! 5 stars! Ive shown this app to numerous friends, who are as amazed as you will be. If you are reading this review...Get the app now!

Kram B. By far, my favorite app. Love it!!!

Well thought out and designed to be very interesting.


Great for the Young and the Young at Heart

Great App, Cant Stargaze Without It!

This is an incredibly well done app. Really the epitome of what an app should be. Great interface, useful features, it is an essential tool for stargazing and connecting with the universe. I would like to see the ability to see distant stars or planets beyond the eye in future updates. Perhaps a "reverse globe to visualize constellations without having to hold the phone up overhead. Thank you for not doing the whole in app purchase is refreshing.

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